About ipmINDs

ipmINDs offers full range Intellectual Property Intelligence Services to assist its clients in making well-informed strategic decisions at all the stages of Intellectual Property Management (IPM) for the organization. ipminds IP Intelligence services are designed to help the organization to assess future trends and demands in term of Technology, Products and markets and respond accordingly to leverage the opportunities and minimize the threats.

ipmINDs  patent service portfolio is designed to cater all the patent management needs of the client, starting from Identification of strategically important patents, Evaluation of Identified patents/technologies, Procurement of selected patent/technology to build/ manage strategic patent portfolio and Exploitation of gained strategic patent advantages in terms of commercial opportunities. We deploy advanced Intellectual Analytics techniques like Business Intelligence, Technical Intelligence, Patent Searches and Patent Analyses to derive stereoscopic Patent Intelligence Solutions.

At the moment we are serving following technology domains

  • Chemistry,
  • Physics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical/ Electronics Engineering
  • Life-Sciences
  • Computer Science and
  • E-commerce/business methods etc.

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