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Making biofules at your backyard @ $1 per gallon

E-fuel 100 Microfueler developed by Floyd Butterfield and Thomas Quinn, offers the flexibility to generate biofuel (Ethanol @ $1/gallon) at your backyard. This system is compact like a washing machine and operates on sugar content and yeast. Read more on … Continue reading

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India’s Konkan Railways filed patent in 124 countries for its safety innovation

Anti-collision Device (ACD) branded as “Raksha Kavach” developed by Konkan Railways has been successfully granted patents by China, Russia, Singapore and South Africa. Konkan Railways has filed patent application in 124 countries. Raksha Kavach is a self-acting device that warns … Continue reading

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Types of Patent Searches

A nice brief compilation by Vinod Kumar Singh of Competitive and Technical Intelligence Toolbox (CTIB) Search Type Purpose Coverage Comments State-of-the-Art Identify general and background art for a particular technology Patents and non-patent literature. Not exhaustive. Gives a broad picture … Continue reading

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Bangalore Municipal Corporation Innovates cost effective urban road solutions

Bangalore City Municipal Corporation (BCC) is enthusiatic for its technical innovation in road construction technology, specifically used for development of underpass, surface pass and overpass. It is planning to secure patent protection for the same. It is going to file … Continue reading

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Marico Innovation Awards 2008

 Marico innovation foundation has announced winner for 2008. It has recived 146 nominations from business category and 64 for innnovation in Social Sector. Y 2008 winners under various categories are given below. CATEGORY WINNERS Process Innovation Maharani Paints (India) Pvt Ltd PDF Product … Continue reading

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IIT Kharagpur organised technology Transfer Fest

On 5th and 6th April 2008, Technology Transfer Group, a student initiative of IIT Kharagpur has  organised exposition IndAc’08.  Thanks Dr. A.S.Rao of  INDIA INVENTS for this information. There were 59 technologies ready for transfer from sectors  Foods & Beverages (13), Agricultural engineering … Continue reading

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