New technology promisses charging of lithium ion battery in seconds

MIT Researchers Byoungwoo Kang & Gerbrand Ceder have developed a new advanced Lithium Ion battery that will allow mobile phone and laptop computers to be fully charged in seconds. Researches have developed a method Lithium ion battery to charge and discharge like a supercapacitor.

Charging and discharging time of a battery depends upon the time taken by the lithium ions to travel cathode and anode. In normal course ions take time to move away from cathode.

Researcher have devised a novel method of reducing this time by glassy coat on the small tunnels carrying these ions.These glossy surfaces work as speed-highways for ions and thus reducing the travel time.

Electric car batteries (15Kwh) may be charged in as little as five minutes, removing one of the main barriers to wider uptake of EVs. Solar and wind power generation could also benefit as better batteries could be used to store surplus energy

courtesy- Gizmag

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