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Patent Strategies in Light of the New Rules

Courtsy Russ Krajec’s Anything Under The Sun Made By Man In Patent Drafting and Claim Writing, Patent Drafting Theory, Practical Tips for Patent Drafting, Patent Strategy, Patents in Business, Business Theory for Patents, The USPTO The latest rules from the … Continue reading

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Types of Patent Searches

A nice brief compilation by Vinod Kumar Singh of Competitive and Technical Intelligence Toolbox (CTIB) Search Type Purpose Coverage Comments State-of-the-Art Identify general and background art for a particular technology Patents and non-patent literature. Not exhaustive. Gives a broad picture … Continue reading

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Patently Obvious: MBHB Patent Law Blog: Patent Explosion

Patently Obvious: MBHB Patent Law Blog: Patent Explosion: “Aug 02, 2004 Patent Explosion The past twenty years has seen increadible increases in the number of patents both applied for and issued. In her most recent paper (PDF), Berkeley professor and … Continue reading

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